Trying to think outside of the “Top 10 Things to See/Do in Big Sur” box

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Every week or so brings with it an article online about Big Sur and all the cool stuff we have here. Like this one, for example, via Grass Routes.

It’s nice, albeit a bit predictable – not there’s anything wrong with that. They give shout-outs to the Esalen baths, Nepenthe, and of course, the Henry Miller Library.

We have no beef with any of those spots (except people can get excessively chatty/conspiratorial in the baths. Two times ago, some dude was talking about CIA mind control. And the last time I was there – just last week – some older dude was clearly trying to hit on a younger girl. The old dude is staring out at the waves, and he says, “Those waves are kinda like a metaphor, eh?”

you can see the carnitas in there

I wanted to throw up. No self-awareness. And helllo these are the “quiet tubs” no less.)

As a nice juxtaposition, my boy Brendan Newnam’s piece in CNN, noted that Big Sur has “the greatest bench in America.”

Of course, this entire discussion puts us in a knotty predicament. If we flex our localism knowledge and mention the really cool things to do in Big Sur, then, well, it wouldn’t be cool anymore.

That said, we used to be tourists ourselves, so whatever, here are some off-the-beaten-track cool things in Big Sur:

  • The hot water out of the faucet in the men’s bathroom at Fernwood gets really hot fast and it’s fabulous.
  • $2 Hamms at the Pub (or was that discontinued?)
  • The class Big Sur hangover cure: a carnitas sandwich at the Deli with lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, mayo, salsa, cheddar cheese, on a sesame bun with coconut water.
  • Man, that one turn-out down south. Just tailor-made for a 1995 Dodge 3500 passenger van.
  • $7 per gallon gas in Gorda.

Which makes us wonder – what are some of your less-obvious Big Sur “likes?”

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  • snakemeat

    The drinking fountain hidden in the poison oak and dead leaves near the stone outhouses at the east end of the riverside trail at Pfeiffer State Park has the BEST drinking water of any in Big Sur.

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