The Henry Miller *and* Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Libraries! An alliance for the ages!

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Roosevelt and Churchill.

Lennon and McCartney.

Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Rodgers and Astaire.

Mr. Rogers and Mr. McFeely.

The 20th century is rife with incredible strategic partnerships; but none can compare to what I’m about to propose:

Miller and Vonnegut!!

It’s true: an alliance has been forged.

2,299 miles to the east stands the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Here’s their homepage; and here is the Facebook.

It’s like an amazing bizarro-world thing; we both have similar charters and both are arts centers that celebrate the legacies of our namesakes. We both have blogs.

Most eerily, their Executive Director of the Vonnegut Library is a gangly, prodigiously handsome ex-fisherman from Finald named, um, Shagmus.

A great bond has been established because a few weeks ago, folks from the Vonnegut Library visited Big Sur and had a power-lunch with Magnus and discussed things logistical (running an arts center) to the more big-picture (world domination.)

So drop the Vonnnegut Library a line, and do keep in touch. And just the idea wash over you like an iconoclastic literary cascade: Henry Miller and Kurt Vonnegut, joining forces.

Indeed, it’s an alliance built to last.

And we promise not to invade Czechoslovakia.

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