Henry Miller Memorial Library begins celebration of “New Stage Anniversary Week!” (NSAW)

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So we here at the Library are coming up to a very important milestone. That’s right: the 1-year anniversary of the construction of our new stage!

Amazingly – and I swear, we’re not lying here – the 1-year anniversary of the stage is…wait for it…April 20th.

4/20 dudes!!!

That’s because April 20, 2011 was the day in which our Kickstarter campaign ended. And we promise, when we first started thinking about doing such a campaign, we did not plan on ending it on 4/20.

Anyway, we’ll be reliving some of the magic of last year, right up to the anniversary on the 20th, in which we’ll have…I dunno, cake or something. Maybe some THC-laced scones?

So, first thing’s first. Below is a picture of the funeral for our old stage, held on Feb. 20, 2011. We musn’t forget it.

And here’s an obituary for it. Money quote:

In the early 1965, inspired by the Beat Movement and Kerouac’s “Big Sur,” the Henry Miller Library Stage hitch-hiked to Big Sur, California, where it got a job washing dishes at Nepenthe.

It was also during this self-described “experimental phase” where the Stage first ingested psilocybin mushrooms.

Soon after, the Stage began studying transcendental meditation at Esalen, where it eventually taught a series of workshops on “Salsa-Spirit Rejuvenation,” a therapeutic spiritual healing program that incorporate elements of Eastern mysticism, a gluten-free diet, and Afro-Cuban salsa dancing.

Needless to say, Sven was stricken with grief when he saw his old beloved stage reduced to rubble. In our next installment, we’ll revisit that very stricken-ness!

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