“Goodbye cruel world, I’m off to join the Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show….” (Local ticket deadline May 1st!!!)

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Dressing up as a sad alcoholic clown at the Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show is gonna be real fun.

I’m especially excited about getting shot through a canon, but it wasn’t entirely my idea. The inspiration for that comes from this amazing song by James Darren, called “Goodbye Cruel World,” circa 1961.

That said, one thing missing from this song – which I intend to remedy – is the importance of crying so the make-up runs down my face. That, mixed with the smell of stale gin, makes for Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show gold!

**Local** tickets are still available for $10; buy’em in person at the Library (more info here.) After May 1st, it’s $20 for everyone at henrymiller.org.

Don’t dilly dally!

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