A bit more about the Independent Marketplace in Sand City – and the Library’s party there on April 5th

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So, as you may know, the Library is heading north on April 5th – we’ll be setting up shop at this cool new spot called the Independent Marketplace, on 600 Ortiz Ave in Sand City.

We’ll have a pop-up bookstore, we’ll be showing movies starting at 8 pm, (the event is from 4- 1o pm), and there’ll be food, drink, and much merriment. Check it.

But what about this new space? Glad you asked.

The Independent Marketplace was recently featured in the Monterey County Weekly – read the whole thing here - but the gist of it is thus:

Developer Patrick Orosco, owner of The Independent, describes the event’s blueprint. Indoors: organic produce, flowers and nursery plants from local small farmers. Packaged foods like dried fruits and nuts, jams and honey.

Meats and seafood from local ranchers and fishermen. Artisan crafts and a kids’ corner. A veggie valet allowing shoppers to drop off their bags while they grab a drink or dance. Outside: hot food stands, food trucks and bike parking. Entertainment: Four hours of music by a live DJ, local art and short films. 

Because the market is happening on private property, 21-and-over shoppers can browse with beer from Post No Bills, the craft beer house in The Independent, and wine.

Which brings us back to April 5:

Each monthly market will feature a different nonprofit partner; Henry Miller Memorial Library is the first. The April event will include a pop-up bookstore selling titles and vinyl from the library’s Big Sur headquarters, and a slideshow on its history.

“A lot of people have heard of Henry Miller Library but never get down to Big Sur,” HMML Director Magnus Toren says. “Now we’re coming to you.”

Toren also hopes the library’s presence will bring in a little cash to offset the costs of a looming improvement project. The library is under pressure from the county Health Department to add an additional bathroom to accommodate the crowds that attend the concerts, festivals, film screenings and other events on the property. The financial burden lies solely with the library foundation, since former landowner Big Sur Land Trust handed over the title last month. 

“It’s a lot of money. I’m a little bit freaked out,” Toren says. “[But] the library has a lot of support.”

So we’ll see you there!

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