Dan Bern, the Library’s consigliere, March 19th at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz

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Singer/songwriter Dan Bern is another cool member of the Henry Miller Library “Familia.”

Or to look at it another way, if Magnus is the Godfather, Dan is Tom Hagen. The consigliere. Mr. Fix-it. The sensible dude who sits in the corner, silent, for hours, listening to all kinds of ideas and propositions, and ultimately weighs in, saying things, like “Yeah, we can do that.”

Dan narrated our mini-documentary on the Big Sur International Short Film Fest, he’s written some amazing tunes, and he’s playing the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz on March 19th.

We’ll see you there, in the pit!

And here’s Dan holding court over a songwriting workshop held here at the Library in 2010.

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