Attn: Internet-savvy (e.g. geeks) and friends of the HMML. We have an idea (along with our pals @ Mediacause)

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First and foremost, have we told you about MediaCause?

They’re this fantastic start-up which brings together tech volunteers with non-profits. So, let’s say you’re, the SPCA of Monterey County (or, errrm, the Henry Miller Library), and you need some tech help involving, say, making your website better, or social media, etc.

That's Range of Light Wilderness

So you sign up to Mediacause, post your challenge, and their army of awesome, talented volunteers help you. That’s it – no catch!

So with that in mind, we posted a challenge re: a new site we’d like to build. Click here to find out more about what we’re trying to do, and regardless, tell your friends about MediaCause, beCAUSE (get it?) it’s really cool.


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