Big Sur Writing Workshop still taking registrants! Meet cool folks, eat well, and maybe even get published!

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Our March workshop in Seaside, CA (March 2-4) is still taking registrations! Read more about it here and Like it on Facebook here.

At the least, it will be an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded writers in a gorgeous environment. Specifically, we got this great testimonial from a veteran from early December’s workshop (you can see photos from it
here. This speaks for itself!


The December workshop is held at the Pfeiffer State Park in the Big Sur region of California south of San Francisco and Monterey. The Agency has another workshop in March that is held at a different location.

That's Range of Light Wilderness

The food at Pfeiffer Lodge is local and organic and wonderful, the smell of the redwoods on the walk from the dining hall up to the conference center is heavenly, and the surroundings are peaceful and inspirational. Lodging is two to a suite in strips of rooms that circle the conference center. The workshop takes over the lodge area of the park for the entire weekend.

All of this adds up to an instructive, productive, inspiring weekend that has been the turning point for many success stories – including Jeff Stone’s. Being able to put “Big Sur” in the subject line of queries to the Agency is a definite plus; however, it provides no guarantee of obtaining representation. Only an exceptional story can do that. And Big Sur helps to give writers the tools to have an exceptional story within one’s grasp if willing to invest the effort required.

That's Range of Light Wilderness

A bonus of the weekend was meeting and getting to know so many intelligent, talented people with interest in writing for children. I’ve been corresponding already with one of my critique groups, and we will be there for each other in our journeys as we continue to work on the projects we shared at Big Sur.

(HMML here again)

So yeah, we’re still accepting registrants for the March 2-4, 2012 workshop in Seaside, CA, so act now by clicking here!

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