Hey! The HML needs *your* help – muse, ruminate, get publishined in our annual souvenir book for all eternity!

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OK so this is cool. Two years ago, the HML had our nifty little “souvenir book.” Basically, it was an almost-pocket-sized book about the Library. It included the Library’s history, stuff about Miller, stuff about the staff, Miller quotes, and lots of other fascinating stuff. Almost like a scrapbook.

Needless to say, it was a smash. It sold out and now we’re making a new one!

That's Range of Light Wilderness

And here’s the really cool part: you can be a part of it by writing a 150-word anecdote or testimonial about the Library. And photos too!!

It can be about a great show that blew your mind, or something really subtle; like the day you drank coffee and wrote poetry on the deck for 5 hours, or the tender moments you spent with Theo the cat.

The trick here is to capture the epic along with the sublime.

I, for example, am gonna write a lil’ thing about the Chili Peppers show, and how suddenly the lights when out. Everyone was totally freaking out, and then amazingly, people in the crowd whipped out their cell phones and illuminated Flea on stage (who, believe it or not, needed the help – they were playing all new songs and he didn’t really know the chords!)

Whatever the Library means to you, whatever that pivotal moment was, we’d love to hear about it.

Now. A few caveats:

* Because of space and budget constraints, we, sadly, can’t include everything in the book. That said, with your permission, we’d publish it on this here blog, and/or our Web site, etc., in the future.

* The desired word count is 150, but it can be less. Heck, it could be a sentence. And if you need to go over 150, who are we to judge?

* We may edit it.

* Deadline to submit is Dec. 20th!

So, wanna submit? It’s easy. Send an email to store@henrymiller.org. If we end up using it, we’ll let ya know.

We’re gonna print up hundreds of these books, and they will sell out, and spread their way all around – literally – the world, Johnny Appleseed/Gideons-Bible style.

So yeah, drop a line! And thanks!

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