Ping Pong Party (PPP / P3) in SF tomorrow. It’s a perfect “first date” – we even have an itinerary laid out for you.

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Uh huh.

It’s our West Coast Ping Pong release party!

Here, we have the perfect night for you, for this, Saturday, Oct. 22nd in San Fran.

That's Range of Light Wilderness

5:30 - Go to North Beach and get a $5 slice of za somewhere.

5:50-7:30 - Go to Vesuvio and split three pitchers of Anchor Steam. Oh, you’re on a date, btw. So talk about your respective jobs.

7:30-9:30 – Walk across the street to the Beat Museum for the Ping Pong West Coast release party. Be regaled by readers Jesse Nathan, Dana Teen Lomax read, as well as our East Coast Editor, Christine Hamm, with a Cinepoem by Maria Garcia Teutsch.

Sean Labrador Y Manzano, editor of the anthology, Conversations at the Wartime Cafe, will read as will Daphne Gottlieb. Booze,(wine), snacks and music will be provided. (Pace yourself – remember the three pitchers; fortunately the cheese will soak most of it up tho.)

Magnus Toren, Executive director of the Henry Miller library, and all around dilettante will be the MC too!

More info here.

9:30-11:00 am
- Go to Japantown with Magnus and do karaoke. Get one of those private rooms. Smuggle in a some Modelo tall-boys. Sing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light!!”

That's Range of Light Wilderness

11:04-11:49 am - Wait for a cab, for like, 45 minutes (this is Japantown in SF, after all); during which you and your date get in a fight, as your date was jealous of the duet you did with Magnus (it was “I Had the Time of My Life.”) Scream “You don’t know what love is!” at your date and stagger towards the Marina district.

12:15-1:45 am – Roll up to Monaghan’s and order a double-Scotch. It’s also ladies night! Send passive-aggressive texts to your date; people-watch.

1:45 am – Go home. You’ve had enough. Send your date flowers on Monday. Girls love flowers.

This West Coast party precedes Ping Pong’s East Coast party to be held Nov. 5th in NYC at the One & One Bar (1st Ave & 1st St. on the LES). More about that one here and here:

Featuring BRANDO! the funky No Cal band, Leta LeNoir, the fancy dancer, and Kathy Smith, the family-friendly comedian. With readings by Ping Pong contributors Cynthia Cruz, J. Hope Stein, Phyllis Wat, Sara Goodman, Joanna Fuhrman, Whitney Porter, Thaddeus Rutkowski,and Mark Lamoureux, as well as editors Maria Garcia Teutsch and Christine Hamm.

Performances begin at 7:00. The event is free and open to the public.

*Please refrain from any Tupac jokes or anything alluding to an East-West coast rivalries.

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