HML’s “End of Summer” Online Sale till Nov. 4th! 25% of t-shirts, posters, books! (Hippie Sven thinks it’s “Endless Summer”)

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Hippie Sven rolls up to the Henry Miller Library looking for tasty peelers.

Mike says, “Well, it’s kinda cold; the summer’s almost over…but one good thing is the Henry Miller Library’s End of Summer Sale on it’s online store.

20-30% off posters, t-shirts, and books!

Sven is non-plussed, leaves, and shreds some steep rights.

Don’t miss out on these great deals while simultaneously supporting your favorite non-profit book store!

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  • Jascha Hoffman

    the way he says california makes me think of arnold. ENDLESS SUMMER! 

  • Emil

    the way he says “endless summer” makes me think of too much acid

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