The HML: where the restless awesomeness of Thurston Moore (Sept. 29th) collide with the sublime perspicacity of Ricky Nelson

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In the context of the Sept. 29th, ((folkYEAH!!))-curated Thurston Moore show – tickets available here - we must admit we’ve been somewhat backward-looking, talking about “Bad Moon Rising,” “The Year Punk Broke,” and “Daydream Nation.”

And, as we all know, nostalga is a bad thing. Gets you no where. A friend of ours disagrees, saying, “embrace the tapestry that is your life,” but I prefer to abide by the wisdom of Ricky Nelson: “If memories were all I sang / I’d rather drive a truck.”

That's Range of Light Wilderness

But you can’t blame us, given Thurston’s oeuvre (and the fact that some of us got on stage during a SY show at the Beacon Theater in NYC in ’94.)

But the past is the past, and homeboy is doing some incredible things now, in the present, which can be rare. Most specifically, his new acclaimed, Beck-produced LP, “Demolished Thoughts.”

If you’re looking for the typical aural apocalypse of Sonic Youth or his previous solo jams, you’ll be in for a surprise treat. “Demolished Thoughts” is acoustic-based with tasteful flourishes of harps and strings.

Money quote from the afore-hyperlinked Pitchfork review:

While Moore’s been putting out records for three decades now, Demolished Thoughts feels vital and purposed, more like a debut than an encore. It’s the work of a restless artist fighting successfully through his own skin to not only outstrip our expectations of how he sounds but also of the sort of music acoustic guitars and harps can make.

With Demolished Thoughts, Thurston Moore solo albums have become more than fields of noise throwaways spiked with the occasional gem, more than Sonic Youth stopgaps. A lot of people retire after 30 years, but Moore has added another great line to an overwhelming résumé.

See you on the 29th!

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