Henry Miller Library in the Huffington Post! And the Heartland shakes its collective head in disgust

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When the Henry Miller Library was a young, wide-eyed 20 year old, a one-way ticket to California in its hand, all of our friends back home in the Midwest said, “Don’t forget where you came from! Don’t get all famous out in LA and forget your roots!”

The Library shook its head and said, “Don’t be silly!” as it boarded the Greyhound in Topeka, grabbed a window seat, and waved out the window as its dusty hometown – and the rugged past associated with it – slowly faded in the distance.

Well, this morning we got a call from an indignant old high school pal. We’ll call him Bill. “Saw you in the Huffington Post today,” he said snarkily. “Oh! Mr. Big Shot Henry Miller Library – look at me, I’m in the Huffington Post, the largest content aggregator on the Web…the content engine of AOL…No wonder we haven’t gotten a Christmas card from you in 5 years. You’ve changed man!”

And there is a kernel of truth to what he said. The Library was in the Huffington Post, and whatever man, it’s cool. If that makes us a sell-out, fine.

That's Range of Light Wilderness

So, while reading their article about Nancy Grace’s “wardrobe malfunction” on “Dancing with the Stars,” you may have also seen a neat travelogue about how great Big Sur is, and there we are, on page 9, if you click through. Here’s what it says:

The Henry Miller Library is a must see for even casual fans of the author, (who lived in Big Sur between 1944 and 1962), and for anybody interested in an eclectic assortment of literature, historic coastal culture and interesting characters. Located in a small house, the non-profit library is an artistic and cultural hub for the central coast and is earning a reputation as one of the United States’ finest concert venues.

Artists including Animal Collective, Phillip Glass, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Fleet Foxes have all played under the redwoods on the Library’s front lawn. Gang Gang Dance, Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis fill out the remainder of this season’s concert calendar. The Library is also excited about their upcoming Children’s Writing Workshops.

I think, ultimately, mean people are just jealous. I’m no shrink, but I think this logic can be applied to Bill back in Kansas. The Library did finally reach out to him, saying y’know, sorry I’ve been so out of touch, Bill; it’s not that I’ve sold out here in California, it’s just that it’s been a busy summer, what with our 30th anniversary, tons of amazing shows like tomorrow’s Thurston Moore; tix available here, etc.

Bill took it well but still, the Library couldn’t help but notice a tinge of envy in his voice. After all, Bill hasn’t really aged well. He has 4 children, is the manager of a Hardee’s right off of Route 40, and in his 33 years has yet to venture further west of Wamego.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000712996024 Shane L Harris

    I was there before you were so cool!

  • Ms. Peacock

    the “heart” of the land left a long time ago.  we’ve been happy to help them blossom here in california.  

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