“An exercise in bad taste,” courtesy of John Waters, at the HMML Aug 13th…

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Like a simple country bumpkin heading to the Big City, it’s always nice when the HMML is acknowledged by the fine folks in a far away metropolis; in this case, San Luis Obispo.

They are stoked about the upcoming John Waters benefit at the Library Aug. 13th.

That's Range of Light Wilderness

This hilarious interview with him in New Times is a mere hint of what you can expect here next Saturday!!

Key excerpt:

NEW TIMES How about your upcoming show in Big Sur?

WATERS I’m really looking forward to it. My show, I’m writing it this morning. I’m always changing it, always updating it. It’s almost completely different than what was on the DVD. I talk about everything. I talk about show business, fashion, religion, terrorism, everything you would need to know to be a happy neurotic.

More info at henrymiller.org!

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