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The Henry Miller Library is looking to beef up our “About Henry” section, and we need your help!

Below these paragraphs is a list of places, people, books, and miscellany mentioned by Miller in the abridged version of My Life and Times on our site.

We’d like to enrich these words by transforming them into hyperlinks, which would open a window of context and description with a reader’s single click.   Ideally, we will associate each of the topics below with one sentence to a paragraph’s worth of explanation as to what it is and how it relates to Henry Miller.

For example, if you clicked on the phrase “Hans Reichel”, a box would pop up that says something like: “Like Henry, the German abstract painter Hans Reichel had a double affinity for painting and writing. Influenced by Klee, Kandinsky, and the poet Rilke, his work was claimed “holy” by Henry in The Cosmological Eye.  In 1936, Reichel taught Henry to use watercolors for the first time.”

So, if you know anything about the topics below, or are interested in the opportunity to learn, send us your short descriptions. Again, they can be anywhere from one sentence to a paragraph. The topics in bold are ones that we think merit a hearty paragraph, but if you think there are others that also do, write ‘em up! And please be sure to cite all sources below your description.

“About Henry” Subtopics:

1. Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the turn of the century


3. Emma Goldman

4. Beatrice Sylva Wickens

5. Mezzotints

6. June Smith

7. This Gentile World

8. Emil Schnellock

9. Anais Nin

10. Tropic of Cancer

11. Alfred Perles

12. Clichy

13. Black Spring

14. Villa Seurat

15. Aller Retour NY

16. Hamlet Correspondence

17. Psychoanalysis in the 1930s

18. Lawrence Durrell

19. Abe Rattner

20. TS Eliot

21. Money and How it Got That Way

22. Tropic of Capricorn

23. Hans Reichel

24. Conrad Moricand

25. George C Katsimbalis

26. Greece

27. Caresse Crosby

28. Colossus of Maroussi

29. Rosy Crucifixion

30. AC Nightmare

31. Watercolors

32. Janina M. Lepska

33. Big Sur

34. Emil White

35. Jean Page Wharton

36. Sexus

37. Partington Ridge

38. Valentine Miller

39. Bezazel Schatz

40. The Time of the Assassins

41. Plexus

42. Smile at Foot of the Ladder

43. Books In My Life

44. Eve McClure

45. Defense of Henry Miller

46. Rabelais

47. Japan

48. Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch

49. Ben Grauer

50. Recordings

51. Quiet Days in Clichy

52. Olympia Press

53. Gerald Robitaille

54. To Paint is to Love Again

55. Ping pong

56. Renate Gerhardt

57. Elmer Gertz

58. Grove Press

59. Viking Press

60. Watercolors 2

61. Just Wild About Harry

62. New Directions

63. Letters to Anais Nin

64. Robert Snyder

65. Hoki Tokuda

66. UVA

67. UCLA

68. Tropic of Cancer (film)

69. Quiet Days (film)

70. Stand Still Like the Hummingbird

71. My Life and Times

We are also looking for postscripts about what happened to Henry Miller in the next ten years.

Send your suggestions and descriptions to:

Thanks for your help – we look forward to hearing from you!

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