Tonight! J. Mascis at the Henry Miller Library! Get *this close* to alt-rock royalty

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I admit I don’t have all the answers, and one answer I didn’t have for a long time is why they never released Sonic Youth’s “The Year Punk Broke” on DVD.  Well, apparently they are, so that’s nice.  Buy it.

For the uninitiated, it’s a tour video – I once had it on VHS – documenting the Sonic’s 1991 European tour, after “Goo,” and before “Dirty” came out.  It’s amazing.  For starters, Sonic Youth, is like, the best band ever, and to see them melting Belgian faces is a treat.  They’re also super-fun and funny.  There’s this cool scene where Thurston ruminates on bratwurst.  And they make fun of Motley Crue and Madonna.  Ha!

In addition, it has an incredible supporting cast of their alt-rock festival-mates.  One in particular was a sludgy band of long-hair misfits from the top-left corner of the continent who mixed Black Sabbath jackhammer riffs with Lennonesque sweetness.  “Nevermind” was just breaking and they were still just happy dudes stoked on touring with their idols (although, ironically enough, their idols told them to kill their idols.)

Anyway, footage also included great stuff from the Ramones, Iggy Pop, and a three-man threshing machine called Dinosaur Jr.

The main dude behind Dinosaur, J. Mascis, is playing at the Henry Miller Library tonight. It’s very rare you can see dudes like this in such small, intimate environments.

He’s amazing.  Get your tickets here!

And if you wanna come but don’t have a car or can’t drive (two left feet perhaps?), or want to offer a ride to others, you can now find a carpool mate here.



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  • Son IcAmbulance

    I just downloaded The Year Punk Broke. i actually wish i saw it on VHS instead.

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