Bored? Become a walking HMML billboard with a nice t-shirt

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I was driving through Santa Cruz the other day and there had one of those dudes on 41st Ave. “wearing”  one of those full-body flip-signs advertising Little Caesar’s pizza.  It was sad.  Just staying on the highway all day, trying to get people’s attention.  God gave us all this goodness, all this splendor, and this is what we do with it?

That said, the guy had earbuds in and was rocking’.  He did these flips with the sign, and was flouncing around, and was just so silly and kooky.  Man!  To this day, I wonder what he was listening to.  Maybe rap?

Anyway, while a decent promotional tool, it likely eviscerated his pride.  As they say, “Sometimes its better not to work than to have to pimp out Little Caesear’s gnarly ‘za.  The crust tastes like linoleum.”

Ladies, take a number

We respect your pride.  We’re not asking you to flip anything, much less do the Running Man on the highway.  But should you buy a t-shirt from the Henry Miller Library Store?  That’s something we’d get behind.

Rather than be pride-eviscerating, it’d be pride-uhh…un-eviscerating.  Its the kind of promotion you can tell you grandkids about.

We have many t-shirts to choose from at our online store, and our models, Keely and Trevor (left), are fine, upstanding citizens.  Keely, for example, is our ex-volunteer-turned-archivist at the (non-profit) Henry Miller Memorial Library.  Trevor, meanwhile, once thought about Tweeting about post-modernism while driving past a soup kitchen.

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